Wednesday, 6 August 2014

My bad

Am i being myself is not good enough for anyone? Is it such a bad thing to be quiet? Is it rude to be shy? If all of those things were true, then why the hell am i living in this god damn world? To be a worthless bitch? I'm not mad at him. Wasn't his fault. He was just being honest and he meant good. Every single word he said was true. Deep down, i know it was. But hearing them out loud, makes me mad at myself. Disappointed to be exact. I feel like no matter what i do, and how hard i tried, i will just not be good enough. Even being here, is a hard thing for me, and i am trying so damn hard to fit in. And to know that it's still not enough, it broke me a little bit. It's sad how one conversation could change everything. And the worst part is; feelings change too. To be honest, right now, i just want to go away and die.